Frame a TLD, Registrar Contest

On 24th June, 2016 Radix celebrates its 2nd Anniversary ! It's been 2 whole years since the time our first TLD hit the market we’ve got something special in .store on this occasion.

Allow us to play the perfect .host and make your .online .space a lot more happening ! The time and .site is decided, all we need is your participation

We bring to you the Frame a TLD Contest - It’s like Polariod a TLD - only this time, you can do a lot more and win a lot more! The winning team wins prizes worth $2000

Contest Details

  • Step 1: Each Registrar Team must choose any Radix TLD and send in your Team Name to to confirm participation
  • Step 2: Armed with your phone or camera take a picture that communicates this TLD in the most creative way.
    Pictures may speak a thousand words but a viral video impacts millions. Don't limit yourself to static images, go crazy with SnapChat, Boomerang, Vine, Hyperlapse and send in gifs, videos, timelapse videos etc. Brownie points if you caption it
  • Step 3: Tweet us your entries to @radixregistry and email them to (up to 2 entries per team). The last date for submissions is 9th June.
  • Step 4: We will upload the entries on our official Facebook page on the 8th of June and that is when you start sharing it voraciously to gather the most likes on your entry. The entry with maximum Facebook likes + most loved by the Radix Radicals takes home the grand prize!

The Grand Prize

The winning team will win an all expense paid team outing, party, picnic or get the foosball table, slushie machine or the super swanky coffee machine you always wanted in office!

Winners will be announced on the 24th June, 2016 on our Twitter and Facebook profiles and via email.

Need Inspiration?

Check out the entries from the Polaroid a TLD contest from 2013, click here to see the album.

Here is what the winning Team's entry from Polaroid a TLD & their prize! Winner